What is Posh Ladies Bedroom Slippers

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Ladies bedroom slippers are one of the most casual womens shoes you can find. But just because they are ladies bedroom slippers does not mean that cannot be a part of posh fashion. Women look for style in their ladies bedroom slippers just as they do in their handbags. A woman owns an average of six handbags in the United States. Three out of four women have a favorite purse according to surveys. Recent surveys also show that 22% of women would spend extra money on a purse if they could choose just one designer accessory.

Ladies bedroom slippers
are part of a woman’s attire and it must be as stylish as her handbag. However, ladies bedroom slippers are not one of the best selling retail items in the United States. That falls to jeans, women’s tops and t-shirts. Women, however, are the most common shopper in the U.S. with approximately two-thirds. Women actually shop so much that a OnePoll study showed that women spend an estimate three years of their life shopping.

When it comes to window shopping however, the average American woman will spend approximately 49 hours window shopping each year. The average shopper at the mall in the United States will stay for 80 minutes and will spend close to that in purchases during every visit. Women take shopping very seriously and posh fashion is at the top of the list, above comfort. Fashion comes first, comfort comes second, according to most style conscientious women. The shopping mall supported jobs are a representation of approximately 9.3% of the nation’s workforce.
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