Camouflage is the New Black

Baby camo bedding

Throughout the years, there have been increasing amounts of camouflage apparel and accessories made for individuals to use for style. So why is this pattern so popular, and how did the pattern find its way to so many parts of our wardrobes and other various items? Here are a few facts about camouflage and how it came to be to help answer some of these questions.

1. As firearm use in the military increased during the 19th century, the camouflage pattern came to be for the men who were to be in combat.

2. Coming from the French word “camoufler” which means “to blend or disguise,” camouflage is made to hide those wearing it from anybody that the wearer does not want seeing them.

3. A wider variety of camo patterns came to be during World War II, made to sufficiently disguise the American Army.

4. During the mid-20th century, camo became very popular among those that hunted, and those that were hunting enthusiasts. Camo hunting clothes came to be during the 1970s.

5. Since its inception, camouflage has taken the country by storm in the style department, with items ranging from camo trucks and camo wallets all the way to camo wedding gowns.

With the current state of the style, it is easy to find it in many shapes and forms. In addition to clothing and accessories, It is also quite easy to find mossy oak truck accessories to go along with the often sought out camouflage style. Mossy oak truck accessories are popular among those using these trucks to hunt, or those who just enjoy the culture.

It is hard to say why exactly people are so interested in sporting a variety of camo styles. It is very likely that this fashion statement represents a pride those using it have in American culture and history, as the pattern has come to represent those in the country who have fought for our rights, and who have been brave in some way or another.

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