Pros and Cons of Different Colors of Gold


A lot of attengtion is paid to the diamond in an engagement ring — how big is it, what’s the cut, how big is it, how flawless is it, and of course, how big is it… But the diamond is only half the story. The setting can be a work of art in and of itself. At the very least, it can strongly influence the appearance of the diamond through a variety of factors — not least of which is the color of the gold.

White Gold Engagement Rings. White gold is an alloy that appears silver or white, similar to platinum and palladium. It’s perfect for a pave setting, where the prongs holding the many small diamonds are rendered invisible by the overall sparkle. A solid setting of white gold works best with very white diamonds (color grading D-H); a “yellower” stone will stand out in contrast to the stark whiteness of the metal. In fact, that same whiteness can sometimes push people away from white gold, as it can occasionally appear too cold and harsh.

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings. Yellow gold is the traditional (and natural) color of gold, and has been a staple in jewelry for thousands of years. Given it’s natural hue, it can much more comfortably conform to the colors of “lower” graded diamonds (H-Z). In a channel setting especially, yellow gold will impart some yellow characteristics to the inset stones. However, yellow gold does not lend itself as well to a pave setting, as the yellow prongs will be more visible amid the smaller stones.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings. Rose gold engagement rings have the unique ability to coordinate well with nearly any skin tone. The fact that the color of the metal is outside the graded spectrum for diamond color (white to yellow/brown) makes it much more flexible and accommodating for any color stone. Rose gold makes a stunning setting by itself, but can also be used to stunning effect as an accent metal in intricate designs of yellow or white gold.

Ultimately, the choice between white, yellow, and rose gold engagement rings is a matter of personal preference. But when you’re trying on rings, be sure to give all the gold colors a try. You might be surprised at a style you wouldn’t have thought you liked.

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