Americans Less Likely To Propose With Traditional Diamond Rings

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Times are changing, and trusted wedding authority The Knot suggests that it is time for engagement rings to change, too. Custom and/or unique engagement rings are gaining popularity — and a greater number of men and women are proposing to their bride- or groom-to-be with rings that they are unlikely to see on other people’s fingers. How are people breaking out of the mold?

Kate Middleton Inspires Colorful Engagement Rings

Colored diamonds and gemstone engagement rings are making a grand appearance this year. Perhaps inspired by the duchess’ world-famous sapphire engagement ring, more Americans are getting down on one knee with a sapphire, emerald, or ruby engagement ring. Opting for tinted diamonds — especially canary yellow, pale blue, and pink — is also popular choice.

“Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe”

Okay, it’s not the One Ring — and you may want to avoid that particular, somewhat ominous reference unless your intended is a Lord of The Rings buff. Personalized engraved jewelry and custom ring engraving, however, is a great way for you to make it special and personal — and keep it between the two of you (most engraved messages are on the inside of the band). Whether you reference a common passion or interest, the date of your engagement, or any other number of custom options is entirely up to you.

Go Vintage

Antique and/or vintage style engagement rings are making a comeback. Go for class and elegance with a vintage engagement ring. The trend is picking up enough ground that you should be able to find a vintage selection at most jewelers.

A growing number of Americans are straying away from plain, old diamond engagement rings. Unique engagement rings, including tinted diamonds, gemstone engagement rings, engraved engagement rings, and classic engagement rings — harking back to earlier designs — are quickly gaining popularity. See this link for more.

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