Make Your Team Stand Out With Custom Team Jerseys

Customized shirts

Watching and playing team sports is one of the most popular pastimes in the United States. Even if you are a moderately interested sports fan the chances are you own one or two screen printed t-shirts; and if you’re a member of an amateur sports team definitely have at least two custom team shirts. If you are fortunate enough to play for a professional sports team, you won’t be reading this article.

Although custom team shirts are wildly popular among fans of every level of sport, customized shirts aren’t the sole province of athletes and sports fans. For instance, your “team” could be the pizzeria your work for, or the non-profit for which you volunteer. Whether you are pizza delivery person or a member of a bowling league, the custom bowling shirts and tees you wear are believed to have originated in the 1849, when the New York Knickerbockers baseball team became the first team to wear custom team shirts and pants.

When it comes to custom team shirts, custom screen printing is the ideal solution for vibrant, durable, long-lasting shirts. This is because screen printing involves several layers of screens that allow the building up of an image that will last for the life of the fabric. Since the ink is pressed directly into the fibers of the fabric, which is usually cotton, it will not fade or peel like iron-on designs.

Whatever your reason for wearing custom made t-shirts, screen printed tees are among the simplest, cheapest, and longest lasting options for groups to display their membership or loyalty to the teams to which they are affiliated.
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