The Five Essential Safety Items No Construction Worker Or Day Laborer Should Be Without

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    How do your employees stay safe every time they clock on?

    It can mean swapping out an old high visibility work vest with a new custom reflective vest. It can mean taking a few days off to battle a flu away from other workers. When it comes to workplace security, it’s better to be too safe than not safe enough. It’s your job as a contractor, supervisor or manager to make sure your employees have all the elements they need to stay safe every single day. This means not just providing them a wide variety of equipment, but replacing old and worn-out items with new models for maxim

    New Workers Face More Workplace Injury And Illness Risks Than Old Workers What You Should Know

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    The field of construction is a dangerous one. Slips and falls can lead to major injuries, hearing loss is common due to loud equipment and illness is easily spread due to constant exposure with other workers, outside environments and various chemicals. As a result your business needs to constantly be up-to-date on the latest technology and safety protocols to keep both workers and customers safe from harm. What this entails changes every year, with organizations like OSHA always looking for better and smarter ways to stave off harm and encourage peace of mind.
    What The Average Person Faces
    When work is dangerous, a business needs to step up to the plate and reduce day-to-day risks. Studies from the Institute For Work And Health in Canada found a new employee in their very first