4 Ways to Make More of an Impact When You Give to Charity

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    Charity donations

    Many people in the United States want to find a way to give back to their community. While there are a number of things people can do to support groups active in helping families in need or helping military families, many people are not sure how to donate to charity in a way that will have an actual impact. Forbes published information about how people can do just that.andnbsp;

    According to their reporting, it can be challenging to donate in a way that does something real for people who are in need. That is one reason people may hesitate. Continue Reading No Comments

    Donate Your Family’s Used Clothes and Help Other Families

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    Military support

    Currently, the average woman in the United States owns 30 outfits. This is considerably more than in 1930, when on average, a woman just owned 9. While many women of today will buy new clothing on a seasonal basis, others will go shopping and purchase new items, including shoes, at least once a month.

    In addition to buying new clothing, both men and women will purchase used clothing. This includes individual items, outfits, and in some cases, entire wardrobes. While the average person in the United States buys around 10 pounds of used clothing items every year, many people tend to purchase considerably more.

    Some of this used clothing may be in need of slight mending or altering, which is easy to repair. Much of the clothing that is available in used clothing stores, however, is in good or excellen