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    Taking A Look At The Link Between Clothing And Self Expression

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    From womens western caps to the best sunglasses you can buy, the clothes and apparel that you wear matter more than you might think. Not only should your clothing be comfortable and fashionable, but it should also be an expression of yourself as well. After all, first impressions are formed very quickly – in as little as seven seconds and no more than seventeen seconds. And much of this first impression that people make of you – up to fifty five percent of it, in fact – will be directly based on your physical appearance. And while there are certainly some things that you really just can’t (or can’t easily, at least) change about how you look, the way you dress is one thing that you most certainly can and says a lot about how you project yourself to the world as a whole.

    And many people love their clothing so much that much of their budget goes towards buying things like womens western caps, west

    A Beginner’s Guide to 7 Free Nail Polish

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    Nail polish is a huge market in the United States, bringing in over $600 million in the year 2017 alone. Nail polish has been around at least 4000 years, but until recently, there were aspects of nail polish that weren’t so great, and still aren’t. Most nail polish brands contain potentially dangerous chemicals that aren’t good for you or the environment.

    Thankfully, 7 Free nail polish means that it’s free of 7 dangerous chemicals present in many other nail polish brands. 7 Free is a breathable nail polish, also meaning that it is halal for those of the Muslim faith, which most other nail polish brands also are not.

    7 Free nail polish is a great choice for those who want to support cruelty free products as well, as 7 Free nail polish is vegan and does not test on animals. Just one of the many benefits of breathable nail polish like 7 Free nail polish.

    7 Free comes in a wide variety of colors, making it an option for anyone interested in supporting the poli

    Your Fishing Trip Packing List

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    You are headed to the sunny beaches of Florida for a much anticipated fly fishing exhibition–but first, you have to stock up on things you need. There are several things you will not want to leave off of your packing list, from fly fishing gear to protective clothing such as a reflective windbreaker jacket. Here is a checklist to make sure you do not find out that you forgot to pack what is most important, such as your safety gear, after already heading out on open water.

    Do not forget your waterproof clothes. Heading out onto the ocean for some fly fishing is much different than sunning on the shores. You will need waders, wading boots, and a waterproof raincoat to keep you from becoming soaked by rain or waves. Pack extra socks and other undergarments just in case. Visit a fly fishing shop or sports store to stock up on the best threads for your adventure.

    Waterproof is not the only feature you want your clothing to have. It is important that your clot