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    Great Ideas to Make Your Wedding Fun and Unique

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    According to Wedding Wire’s 2017 Newlywed Report, 63% of brides assert that they feel a lot of pressure to have a perfect wedding. Pulling off a successful wedding requires doing more than having enough budget. It requires creative plans and a powerful team. If you want to make your bridal ceremony more personalized, consider diy wedding arrangements. It is also cost-effective in the long run. Below are some great wedding ideas that will make your wedding day a magical event.

    Floating Dance floor

    People have come up with all creative ideas of dance floors ranging from monogrammed to checkered dance floors. You can take things to a new level by installing the illusion of a floating dance floor. It makes the place appear bigger and well lit.

    Marching Band

    A wedding procession with the help of a marching band will make your wedding fun. Most people have never witnessed a wedding ceremony turning into a personal parade. You can lead everyone to the rece

    Are You Planning for an Upcoming Event or Large Celebration?

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    This is the year of celebrations. You and your husband are celebrating your 30 year wedding anniversary; your older daughter is celebrating her college graduation; and your younger daughter is celebrating her high school graduation. Next summer, the four of you are all taking a trip to Greece, but you also want a chance to allow the girls to celebrate their milestones with their friends and family. As a result, you have been busy meeting with different representatives of banquet spaces. Your older daughter wants to celebrate her accomplishment with the five other gymnastics teammates that she has been competing with the last four years; your younger daughter wants to celebrate with her best friend. Add in the fact that all of these friends and teammates have parents who want to have a say in the celebration and the planning process has gotten a bit complicated. When you factor in that the two parties will take place 12 hours apart. the high school party will be in the city where you li

    Here are 4 Steps to Take When Making Charitable Donations of Clothing

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    Americans have been noted for charitable giving for a number of years. There are many charities located throughout the United States, some provide military support and work with veterans, others work with families in need. Whether it’s for military support or another reason, there are a number of ways to make donations to help charities. One such way is to donate clothing to a charity of your choice. If you’re making the decision to make charitable donations of clothing, there are several steps you should take, and this article will take a look at a few of them.

    • Determine Which Clothing Items You’re Donating: The first step to take is to determine which clothing items you will be donating. This can understandably feel overwhelming, particularly if you have a large amount of clothing in your closet. As a guide, follow the rule that states that any clothing item not worn in six months or longer should be given away and donated. This rule will make it easier to determine whi