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    The City of Love Three Reasons Why Paris Remains the Top Honeymoon Destination

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    Parisian museum

    Paris has been romanticized for centuries as the city of love. To this day, Paris and the Parisian countryside remains the world’ number one tourist destination; in 2013 there were 32.3 million tourists staying in the region according to the regional tourism committee in the Ile-de-France. When it comes to honeymoons, nearly three out of every four honeymoons settle on either Hawaii, Morocco, or France — of course Paris is a destination in a majority of these post-wedding excursions. Aside from the boundless love that permeates the Parisian air, here are three strong reasons why Paris remains at the top of the tourism destination list.

    Magnifique Sightseeing

    Although France itself is roughly the size of Texas, the country boasts 4,0 Continue Reading No Comments