Six Important Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Jeweler

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    Wedding jewelry

    When you are making a fine jewelry purchase, your investment will (ideally) last a lifetime. You want to make sure you make your purchase from a jeweler with integrity, who will provide you with a piece that you’ll be proud of for years and decades to come. Local jewelers are not a one-size-fits-all concept; finding a jeweler who you trust and who provides great service takes thought. While you are shopping for engagement rings or wedding jewelry, here are a few important questions you should ask:

    1. Do you feel heard and valued?
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    How to Protect Yourself From Your Phones Harmful Rays

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    Emf protection

    It is likely that you have some type of technological device in your hands at most hours of the day. You probably wake up and immediately check your cell phone, which is probably right by your head. You head into work to log onto your laptop to check for your days? work. You hold your cell phone while driving home, allowing it to navigate you through a different route to beat traffic. When you get home, you pull out your portable tablet to read and catch on up the news. You probably don?t even realize how often you use a technological device until you really think about it. You also probably don?t even consider the dangers of all of these harmful rays that these devices emit. An EMF protection shield is very important for someone who spends a lot of time using technological devices.

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    How to Become a Body Piercing Professional

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    Learn how to body pierce

    Body piercings and tattoos are a common way to express oneself. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have at least one tattoo or piercing on their body. Many people get them for many different reasons, their reasons just as different from each other as the piercing they have. There are also many types of body piercings. When a person chooses to get a body piercing, they are making a big decision. They have often thought out the decision greatly and have decided to go through with it. The same thought process goes for someone who chooses to help others to individualize and express themselves, by becoming a piercing artist.

    Most people who learn how to body pierce are doing it as a type of passion for the work of body art. Many people who wish to Continue Reading No Comments