Diamond Studs The Cut Matters

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    Perfect proposal ideas

    The world of diamond jewelry is as varied as the stars in the sky, and every bit as beautiful. Today we take a closer look at one of the simplest styles of jewelry — diamond studs.

    Diamond studs are about as close as you can come to adorning yourself with just a stone. Their minimalist design has been an enduring style for decades, adding sparkle, class, and elegance, highlighting (but not overshadowing) the natural lines of the neck and jaw. They are nothing more than a diamond held in place usually by prongs, attached to a post with a secure backing to keep them in the ear.

    When a concept is as simple as this, the execution demands even more attention. For example, Continue Reading No Comments

    Top Three Reasons to Go Shopping For Vintage Jewelry

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    Contemporary jewelry design

    Whether you’re thinking about shopping for vintage bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or other pieces of jewelry, there are tons of reasons to get interested in the art of custom jewelry design. Many handcrafted jewelry designers are currently following the “in” fashion trend of vintage jewelry, designing many a piece with classic, timeless style.

    Here are a few reasons why shopping for vintage bracelets is such a good idea.

    1. Great Gifts For All Occasions.

    Since they’re appropriate for whatever occasion may come up, you can go shopping for vintage bracelets whenever you fall short of gift ideas. Whether it be an anniversary, Christmas, or a birthday, jewelry is always a classic gift that you can never go w