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    You Can Protect Your Family from EMF with These Tips

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    Emf shield

    Out of all of the threats that face you and your family, you may not realize that there is one lurking in your very home. Electromagnetic fields (EMF) surround us all of the time. The radiation they produce can be dangerous to people’s health. The radiation, just referred to as “EMF” has been known to cause cell damage at levels that are more than a billion times lower than the point at which traditional heating can harm cells. You can head down to the EMF safety store but there are some things you might want to do first.

    Learn more about EMF radiation.

    There are two kinds of EMF radiation; low frequency EMF and radio frequency. The kind that you need to worry about is the low frequency EMF. This is not something that is produced outside of the home, coming from power lines or elec

    The Fan Story Behind the Brick in Supreme’s Fall/Winter Catalog

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    Supreme clothing shop

    It’s ironic, but the skaters and burnouts who would normally make fun of someone who paid $3,000 for Prada shoes will go absolutely bananas for the latest drop from Supreme clothing store. And as it turns out, Supreme apparel devotees really will buy anything, so long as you slap the Supreme clothing brand and logo on it first.

    Consider: the Supreme brick. That’s right, a literal brick, made out of red clay. A brick just like any other brick you’d find anywhere else — except this one has the Supreme logo on it.

    The skater brand unveiled this brick — which, again, is just a brick — as part of their Fall/Winter 2016 collection preview. It was definitely the most curious new piece in the collection, more so than the cutesy