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    The Future of Custom Designed T Shirts

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    There seems to be a mobile app for just about everything. From determining the best route in order to beat the morning rush to tracking a woman’s ovulation cycle, there literally is an app for every that.

    Now, a new custom print tees app is slated to become the Instagram of custom designed tee shirts. Enter Doobie.

    Founded by Shannon Toh, a young entrepreneur who already has had success in founding SaltyCustoms, a Malaysia-based design and manufacturing company, Doobie seeks to blend the popularity of digital print tee shirts with the appeal of mobile app technology and social media. While there are a number of online custom tee shirt makers, Doobie aims to further streamline the process by creating a simple,

    Break Your Habits by Examining the Arguments for Vaping vs Smoking

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    The beginning of 2015 has already been underway, and by now you may already be working toward the goals you’ve set for the year. However, if you haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions or you’re already struggling to keep the ones you’ve made, there is still time get the hang of whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish. Many people say that if you want to make a new habit, you should do it for 40 days. However, the same can be said if you’re looking to break a habit, as well — and nowhere is that more clear than in the debate for vaping vs smoking.

    One area where many people are looking to break a habit is with smoking cigarettes. Smoking cessation programs often include patches and gum, but these typically don’t do much to reduce the craving for the physical act of smoking. As a result, many adults tu

    Easy Style Tips for Rocking Boys Camouflage Clothing

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    While the fashion industry is known for being incredibly fickle, there are some staples that will simply never go out of style. The little black dress, a killer pair of pumps, denim jeans, and now camouflage clothing for men and women are fashion and style must-haves.

    So how did camouflage clothes comes to enter — and dominate — the fashion foray? Plants and animals have long used camouflage in order to achieve a state of cypsis, allowing them to go undetected by both predators and prey by blending into their natural surroundings. Taking a cue for the natural world, during World War II the French military commissioned two artists to design a pattern w