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    Understanding Surfing It’s Culture and Equipment

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    Surf’s up! Surfing is a surface water sport that was originated by the oceanic culture of Polynesia and was observed and documented by Captain Cook (the famous European explorer) in 1778. The first official surfing contest took place at Corona Del Mar, California in 1928.

    About Surfing:
    Surfing involves a surfer who stands on a surfboard — which is a long, sturdy yet relatively lightweight board — and balances while traveling on the face of a wave. There are two different types of surfing: short boarding and long boarding, and each requires it’s own type of gear. Some people involved in the sport also include stand up paddle boarding as a form of surfing. Each type of surfing as well as the climate requires different surf clothing.

    Surf Culture:
    Surfers have a very d

    Find the Best Designer Handbag to Suit Your Style

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    In America it usually costs somewhere between $2,500 and $3,000 for a designer handbag. But what if you love fashion handbags, but you’re not necessarily interested in paying exorbitant prices the best, most chic handbag and purse designs?

    In that case, it might make sense to consider fashion wholesale handbags, which can be much more reasonably priced. The key is to find which whole handbags distributors might have the best combination quality brand names and affordability.

    In general, a handbag in America typically weighs three pounds. That being said there are various sizes and s

    Wearable Advertising-How Custom T Shirts Can Drive Your Business

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    Custom t shirt printing services can bring your creative dreams to reality. According to a recent study, the t shirt industry has grown more than 24.2% from 2009 to 2014. Many businesses take advantage of custom print services as part of their overall advertising and marketing campaign strategy. Though technology has revolutionized the way we communicate and do business, some traditional forms of marketing, such as printed collateral and custom designed tee shirts can help build your brand.

    T shirts, are typically made of cotton, a versatile and strong fabric. Cotton is grown in 85 countries worldwide, yet only exported by 55. The United States is the second largest cotton producer as well as the largest exporter in the world, shipping 40%-60% of it’s yield abroad, and business continues to boom. Close t