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    How to Spot a Fake Pandora Charm Bracelet

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    Pandora bracelets maryland

    Worried that your Pandora charm bracelet is not a true, authentic piece of jewelry? Do not let counterfeits get the best of you! There are plenty of ways to ensure that your Pandora bracelets Maryland are the real deal.

    A good way to see if your Pandora charm bracelet is genuine is to check for a Pandora hallmark on the bead or bracelet. Almost all Pandora jewelry is marked with the letters “ALE,” along with the numbers 925 on silver items, and 585 on gold items. Also, look for the signature crown symbol on your Pandora charm bracelet if it was purchased after 2008. Do these letters, numbers, and symbols seem arbitrary?

    Interestingly, the letters “ALE” you will find on a Pandora charm bracelet are in honor of Algot Enevoldsen, father of Pandora founder Per Enevoldsen. The number 925 is a jewelry symbol representing silver, and the number 585 is the jewelry symbol representing 14 carat gold.

    Another way to tell if a Pandora charm bracelet is real is by determining if the seller is an authorized Pandora retailer. You can check the list of authorized Pandora stockists shown on the official Pandora website. It is especially important to buy only from authorized dealers when shopping online. Purchasing a Pandora charm bracelet from an online auction website, such as eBay or Amazon, can be risky because many of the sellers are not authorized by Pandora.

    Finally, you may have to inspect your Pandora charm bracelet, and match it to the original product. Go on the official Pandora website and compare your Pandora charm bracelet with the jewelry displayed on the website. Keep in mind that the only jewelry displayed on the Pandora website is jewelry that is currently in production. You may not be able to find discontinued or retired pieces on the Pandora website.

    When comparing your Pandora charm bracelet with others, focus on the quality and craftsmanship of the jewelry. Pandora glass bead designs are created within the glass, whereas fake glass beads will be painted on the outside of the glass. This is a very good way to spot a counterfeit Pandora charm bracelet.